I'm not someone who likes to be in front of a camera -- AT ALL. The second a lens is pointed in my direction I feel very tense and awkward, which has long led me to believe that I'm simply not photogenic. This was proven to be false after my portrait session with Sarah, and the resulting imagery was far and away better than anything I could have ever hoped for. I knew Sarah would get me -- she has a way of tapping into what makes someone unique and celebrating that, while also paying special attention to the sentimental details that make you who you are. Sarah was the first photographer who really saw ME for ME. She took the best portrait of me -- ever -- and it brought me to the brink of tears to know that someone finally documented my authentic self during a time in my life that was very special to me.

Roci + Eileen

Sarah is so much more than a photographer. She captures the FEELING inside a moment, not just a still shot of the moment itself. You will not be getting a photograph from her, you will be getting a physical embodiment of a memory.

Melissa + Sean

I highly recommend Sarah for your wedding, baby shower, family gathering, whatever!  She's a killer photographer and even better she makes it fun.  She can do really traditional portraits if that's what you like, but I think the best are the candid ones she captures.  She is easy to work with, always available for questions & concerns and is extremely prompt with the turn around! 

Erin + Ray

This rad lady right here is fucking amazing!!!! We had her shoot our engagement photos and they were PERFECT. We took photos at lake cuyamaca and it was like 30 degrees and raining, not ONE photo looked like we were uncomfortable and dying like we were irl. Everything came out so amazing I want to make wallpaper out of all of our photos and cover my walls in it BECAUSE WE LOOK FUCKING FANTASTIC! 


Ruff, ruff ruff, Ruffy ruff ruff.


Sarah sees things in each and every one of my family members that I am too frazzled or stressed to pay attention to in the moment. She connects with my kids in a way that allows them to trust her and makes it feel like play. She makes us feel comfortable and natural when she shoots us because she never brings any pressure or expectations to our shoot. She just lets us be who we are and makes incredible magic out of it! 


I've had Sarah do pictures multiple times and each time I'm blown away! She does such an amazing job of capturing my daughter and I, while also letting our crazy personalities shine through. I love that she doesn't make us do cheesey prom poses and we can just be comfortable and be ourselves.