...I'm a little weird this is me

I'm Sarah. I'm a San Diego native, born and raised. I'm a Disney obsessed coffee drinker. I know all the words to Baby Got Back and it's the only song I'll ever karaoke to. I'm constantly laughing at pointless things and they're most likely animal videos on youtube. I'm slightly obsessed with well branded companies and wish I was friends with the masterminds behind them like Kate Spade's Saturday (RIP), & NEFF.

I believe everything in life should be celebrated, births, weddings, awards, lost teeth, bike rides and even deaths. Life is meant for living and we should always have a way to remember exact moments. I'll never ask you to sit holding hands and gaze longing into each others eyes in the middle of a park. Cause that's just going to make us all feel awkward. I will however meet you at your favorite bar and make you feel like I'm not even there. I'm not here to change you, to show something you're not. I'm here to show who you are, and every emotion and moment that comes with.

I want to be the real ME. I want you to be the real YOU. I want your photos to reflect that.

Not doing something because you have to; because I have to; because it's industry standard. I don't shoot with the intention of getting published on the best, most awesomest, newest wedding blog. I don't shoot something because I saw it on Pinterest. I shoot honest moments and genuine smiles. I shoot actual
laughs and tears that were really cried. I'll get those bad dance moves to the littlest, fleeting moments.

That is what your day is made of.. and what life is made of... and that's what I want your photos to show.

I'll take your goofy faces and silly grins... I want your quiet Friday night Netflix marathon and your favorite local brewery trivia night. I love that your favorite place is your bed with a cup of coffee and that your family loves a good water balloon fight. Browse that bookstore. Play that record. Quote that movie that makes you laugh so hard you snort. Just be you... because you are awesome. You're the bees knees. Your love is rad just the way it is.

Love is love is love is love.
And you guys kick a whole lot of ass.

And I believe that is exactly what deserves to be documented.
Every person. Every love.

no censors. no prom poses.
no cheese. no bull.
just you. just me.

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